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Hamilton cans rapper ambitions to focus on life at Mercedes

In a new regular column for BBC sport Lewis Hamilton revealed a youthful interest in hip-hop when he was "real swagged out" in baggy trousers, Hamilton now claims he is focused on F1 and he'll "just be in the studio chillin" with a producer in LA, claiming their friendship doens't make them "gangsta". Hamilton has repeated recently that he felt constrained at McLaren, and has found a new found freedom at Mercedes.

22 March 2013 - Source
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I think I had a fairly good insight into the "real you" before Hamilton but I have to say this brought tears to my eyes.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
We've always had mega respect for each other Nando. I'm just flipped out that my honesty made you cry.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
They weren't so much tears of joy, but a mixture of amusement and acute pain. I nearly ruptured my spleen I laughed so hard. You might do well to listen to some of those idiot ex-drivers.
jackie   Jackie Stewart
I understand Lewis' desire to reveal his personal side as I did in my candid and acclaimed autobiography, "Winning is not Enough." I must stress that baggy trousers represent not only a trip hazard to the wearer, they also fail to provide the recommended testicular support to make one productive on, and off, the track. Although so-called "hip-hop" was not among my pursuits as a wee youngster, my experience as an Olympic standard clay-pigeon shooter has furnished me with marksmanship sufficient to deal with, in a calculated detached manner, the violent threats delineated in their lyrics.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
It's frickin totally uncool for these ex-drivers to bum me out, you know nothing. I'm going to prove you all wrong at Mercedes, just give me more aero guys.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
As a clue-less ex-driver let me summarize the Oz GP for my former employers. Promising testing and qualifying pace raises expectations which are swiftly tempered by reliability and tyre degradation issues in the race. Or was that 2012? Hmmm, history does have a habit of repeating itself, hopefully.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Better be careful there Michael or Hamilton might go all "gangsta" on you. Remember he is H.A.M.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Totally Nando, I felt under a cover at McLaren, they suffocated me. Mercedes let me be as bad as I wanna be. I might make a youtube video, like the one where you crack a walnut with your neck, it's frickin epic.
diResta   Paul di Resta
My own teammate does a similar trick with champagne glasses, but using other people's necks. I suffered the gross injustice of being robbed of 7th place by a man with a GBH conviction, whose image is in stark contrast with that of myself being a future legend with an impeccable record.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Yeah, robbed, Sutil's out for a year and leads the race while you were preparing your excuses for your post-race love-in with the BBC.
bestofbritish   Jenson Button
Why don't some of you pop into my Nutcracker Suite for a love-in this weekend? I might suffocate you a little, GBH is optional, but I'll definitely bring a tear to your eye once I get you under my covers.
sbstnvtl   Sebastian Vettel
Hey Mark, do you want me to show you how to use a clutch this weekend? Ha ha! Yessssssssssss!
wibbah   Mark Webber
Fair dinkum Seb, I learned to drive in a Ute, these flamin F1 clutches are more sensitive than a sheila, makes me look a right galah.
Horner   Christian Horner
While humour in the face of adversity is a very Red Bull trait Seb, this is no laughing matter. But for the grace of god, we could easily have fitted the ECU from the sister car on your one, and ruined our race. After Alternator-gate this is yet another sinister attempt by outsiders to undermine our dominance.
MycLaren   Martin Whitmarsh
The unofficial view of the McLaren Group is that teams can inflict damage to third-party parts through their own amendments, so Christian is talking bollox. The McLaren Group would like to officially apologise to Red Bull for a software failure during the Australian GP and we will work together in future to avoid a repeat.
Horner   Christian Horner
Of more immediate concern after practice in Malaysia is that Pirelli have joined in conspiring against us in designing tyres specifically unsuited to our car. Adrian and I have discussed it and we may re-allocate sets from the sister car in Sepang so that Hungry Heidi will survive the race.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jesus, "survive", cut the melodrama Horner. You're starting to sound as paranoid as my teammate. Strange how you're the dog's proverbials when you win and then everyone else is to blame when you get beaten, very Red Bull.
massa   Felipe Massa
Everyone knows I was faster than you in Australia Fernando, you only got ahead of me because the team screwed me, you better watch out this weekend.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
The only thing I'll be watching for is to see if Sleepy Perry pronounces your name right "Massay". On that subject, we're all for giving you a chance Suzi, but try to look half awake in Sepang. Your energy levels in Australia make Kimi look like Jackie Chan on speed.
SuzukiPerry   Suzi Perry
I'm really looking forward to Sepang Fernando. The smoothness of the track make it a different challenge to Albert Park, and it will be interesting to see if anyone gets close to Dani Pedrosa's time of 2m 0.1s from February's test.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Ah yes, you made your name taking the piss out of F1, by your own admission you hate travelling and know nothing about the sport. Maybe try out for the anchor job in the Vatican the next time, you're about as well qualified for that one.

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