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Whiting says Schumacher should know the rules

Charlie Whiting has stated that Michael Schumacher should study the F1 rule-book in the wake of his Hungarian GP debacle. The 7-time champ, second only to Rubens Barrichello in experience, parked in the wrong grid-slot, thus forcing a restart whereupon he switched off his engine. Whiting said the teams and drivers did not have to pass a rules test but stated, "Michael should know the rules".

9 August 2012 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Rules? I wasn't actually aware that there were any rules in F1.
nico   Nico Rosberg
Given all the help you've given me Michael I would be willing to help you learn the regulations so this doesn't happen again.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
If I need advice on male grooming products I'll call you Britney, otherwise can it.
whiting   Charlie Whiting
I would advise you to familiarize yourself with the regulations Michael. All competitors must also be aware of any new rules that I make up as I go along during the season. Any breaches will be met with penalties.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
In my recollection Charlie the FIA's implementation of penalties is about as effective as that of the English football team.
rubens   Rubens Barrichello
I am really proud to have the record as the most experienced GP driver, and I always played fair. Despite all your experience it is typical that you would show no respect for the rule-book Michael.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
I might sign for another season just to take your only record away Rubens. By the way, parking in the wrong grid-slot was my second biggest mistake on the Hungary pit-straight, the first was running out of wall when I "squeezed" you in 2010.
johnny   Johnny Herbert
You pack of badminton playing ponces need to grow a pair. In my day rules were for breaking and a blond bastard called Johnny Herbert parked his car next to the hottest grid girl.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
If memory serves me Johnny, your primary talent as a GP driver was parking your car in the garage.
diResta   Paul di Resta
Speaking with the authority of one of the greatest drivers in modern F1 I find it amazing that the soon-to-be second most successful driver in history would be so unaware of the regulations. I ensure I don't infract the rules as a post-race visit to the stewards would reduce the time I can devote to my BBC appearances.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Never mind wasting time with the stewards di Resta, I heard on the grapevine that you'll be going to court with Anthony Hamilton, that should be fun.
diResta   Paul di Resta
One of the unfortunate consequences of mega-stardom Fernando is that some people inevitably try to take advantage of your fame. The plaintiff in question misled me over a deal with one of the hordes of sponsors who want to be associated with the di Resta brand.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Well there are plenty of F1 folk who can give you advice on how to handle a court case. Hmmm, where will I start, there was your former teammate Sutil.
subtle   Adrian Sutil
I apologised to Mr. Lux for unintentionally placing a broken champagne glass near a major artery, so everything is fine Fernando, indeed I am hoping to get a drive for next year.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Ah yeah, all water under the bridge, except for the minor detail of having a conviction for grievous bodily harm. Good luck getting sponsorship.
diResta   Paul di Resta
I was shouldered with the burden of being the hero of the team last year in the face of all the negative publicity attracted by Adrian's unprofessionalism. Sutil numbers the ranks of people over whom I have asserted my complete superiority so I won't seek his counsel.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Who else is there, ah yes, I hear some guy got 8 years in the can for taking $44 million in bribes from Bernie, who emerged typically unscathed.
Bernie   Bernie Ecclestone
If that sod had kept schtum Fernando he would have been quids in. All I did was slip him a few notes to keep the tax-man away. Right pain in the arse being up before the beak. Anyway, you're one to bloody talk about getting away with it after that Singapore thing.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I was following team instructions Bernie. Poor little Piquet, he had his own day in court bless him. I guess the best man for advice is the guy who won a court-case. Throwing any more twisted parties Max?
MaxiMos   Max Mosley
If I want to employ a group of acquaintances to partake in an amateur costume production with a historic Germanic military theme, then it is no-one else's business and I'll sue the living daylights out of anyone who demands details of my sexual perversions.

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