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Red Bull: Vettel penalty like condemning a chicken thief to death

Red Bull have criticised the penalty demoting Sebastian Vettel to 5th in Hockenheim, with Helmut Marko saying it amounted "to condemning a chicken thief to the death penalty." The comments come in the wake of Vettel branding Lewis Hamilton as "stupid" for unlapping himself, prompting the McLaren driver to question the maturity of the German world champion.

25 July 2012 - Source
sbstnvtl   Sebastian Vettel
Stupid Lewis, stupid idiot cucumber Lewis ruining my race even after I waved at him.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
What the frick? We were totally racing, even if I was a lap down. You're really showing your maturity Seb.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
It's a bit rich bringing maturity into it Hamilton when you're the one with man-earrings and a Haribo obsession. Thanks for helping me win the race though. By the way Vettel, it's nice to see you waving that fist of yours instead of pissing us all off with that finger celebration.
Horner   Christian Horner
Fernando, you have highlighted a serious issue. Despite frantic gesticulations from perfect Seb in the wet qualy session, he was held up significantly by the sister Red Bull, losing any chance of pole and in effect of winning the race. The results of an urgent internal inquiry means we will consider having the sister car sit out qualy if such conditions present themselves in future.
wibbah   Mark Webber
Fair dinkum Christian mate, I could barely see the track in qualy, never mind Seb's flamin fist. It's not my bloody fault he let Lewis go past him.
MycLaren   Martin Whitmarsh
The view of the McLaren Group is that Lewis was entirely within his rights when unlapping himself, as were McLaren F1 in lodging an appeal with the FIA regarding a certain team's engine mapping.
whiting   Charlie Whiting
Please rest assured, the engine mapping has been brought to the attention of the FIA. If we come to the conclusion that this is innovative or non-homogeneous we will immediately deem it illegal under a new regulation that we will have to quickly invent before the next race.
Horner   Christian Horner
The engine mapping issue merely adds insult to Seb's injury after the qualy sabotage by the sister car and the ridiculous penalty given to Seb at his home race for passing Jenson. Once this grand conspiracy to end our rightful dominance is ended, perfect Seb will be waving that finger for me again.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Just a point on the Button incident there Christian, I'm afraid Baby Schumi forgot one of my most important mantras to be used when a rival is on your inside: Turn in, not away.
sbstnvtl   Sebastian Vettel
Yessssssss! That is what I am talking about. I fought like a lion. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-a-diiiiiiiiiiiiiing-ding-ding!!!!
jpm   Juan Pablo Montoya
The dudes be doinged a real bad stolen the chicken man, if a guy do robbed the KFC he be jailed serious time in the US of Americans.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I should point out to you Montoya that calling any KFC product "real" chicken is the equivalent of saying that NASCAR is "real" motor-racing.
jpm   Juan Pablo Montoya
The Colonel be made seriously tastey chicken Fernando, though a dude nearly hitted me by a bucket of wings last week, f**king asshole nearly broked my f**king head.
jackie   Jackie Stewart
Integrity is of the highest priority in one's career, whether it be regarding the true ingredients of one's culinary output, or in a driver's approach to his racecraft, regardless of the racing category. While one may be initially dismissive of a sport where drivers travel essentially flat-out, for hours on end, through a series of repetitive left-hand inclined turns, it is only through devotion of one's precious time and resources that a driver can elucidate some valuable lessons from watching NASCAR drivers.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Sorry Jackie, I think I'd rather watch an entire box-set of 'Touched By An Angel' than endure a field of donut-bellied corporate mouthpieces drive in circles.
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
I don't get it Fernando, I thought Sebastian was penalised for overtaking Jenson off the track, I didn't know he had stolen a chicken.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I think they were drinking too much of their own Red Bull down there Ambrosia, that guy was just using an analogy, albeit a very strange and disturbing one. Vettel didn't actually steal a chicken.
Ambrosia   Jerome d'Ambrosio
My mother always tells me chicken can be really dangerous Fernando, you can get salmonella if it isn't cooked right.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Actually Ambrosia, how they kill the chicken is just as important as how you cook it. Next time you visit the butchers tell them you want your chicken to be choked, you might get more than salmonella.
bestofbritish   Jenson Button
If anyone wants to choke my chicken let me know. Taking me around the outside might be risky but you definitely won't complain whatever position you end up coming in.

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