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Hamilton wins in Montreal but may face paycut to stay at McLaren

Despite Lewis Hamilton becoming the 7th different winner in as many races, Ron Dennis has stated that due to the turbulent economy the driver may have to take a pay-cut if he wishes to remain at the team. He also added that Hamilton is still learning his trade: "He's still a young guy and I always think, slightly morbidly, the last thing you learn is how to die and at the end of the day everybody learns every single day."

14 June 2012 - Source
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Now that we respect each other Nando and say nice things about each other, I have to say I was flipped out racing you for the win in Canada.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Ever hear the phrase keep your friends close, and your enemies closer Hamilton? Anyway, good win, although I'm sure the TV viewers were sick of seeing your girlfriend cheering you on every five minutes.
CherZing   Nicole Scherzinger
You know how camera shy I am Lewis baby, that completely random camera that was fixed on me for the entire race was a little awkward. We need to arrange for him to film my good side for the next race.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
Simon will make it happen Nicole. Totally awesome race Nando, and it was mega spraying Ron with champagne at the team photoshoot.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Indeed, perhaps you should have pumped a couple more bottles into him, because his immediate reaction to your precious win was to slash your salary.
hammy   Lewis Hamilton
That's totally frickin uncool Ron, is it because I is bl...
rondennis   Ron Dennis
Bl..oody wasting good alcohol Lewis, and a Blue Nun would have done the trick instead of champagne. Remember Fernando, the last thing we learn is how to die.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Jesus Ron, that's a bit dark, you might want to lay off the gin for a while. I haven't heard you this depressed since I popped into you with my laptop in Hungary '07.
Montezuma   Luca di Montezemolo
Silence the earth, let my voice raise torrents in the oceans and flatten the mountains. We must reward our warriors according to their exploits on the battelfield, if we spoil them with riches beyond our means they will not sacrifice themselves for me.
Domenicali   Stefano Domenicali
We respect your wishes always President di Montezemelo, indeed in Canada we tried to save money by running Fernando on just one set of tyres.
Montezuma   Luca di Montezemolo
Silence! I, thine divine ruler, declare that all the resources of the Scarlet Empire be made available to the special one Fernando. He who glorifies my name will see my fortunes smile on him. No, it is the other weak one who must be prove himself worthy of my favour.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Thank you Emperor, I am humbled by the money you have bestowed on me to make me the best paid driver in F1. Perhaps my Ferrari brother Felipe will sacrifice his own salary, albeit only a third of mine, to save you money until his performances improve.
massa   Felipe Massa
You snivelling twat Fernando...
MycLaren   Martin Whitmarsh
The McLaren Group would like to point out the irony in this statement from Ferrari given their's is the biggest budget and they threatened to set up a rival series rather than cut costs back in 2009.
Montezuma   Luca di Montezemolo
Insolence will be met with violent retribution. The FIA must obey my order to reduce costs or this world of F1 will fade to oblivion. Deliver my edict to servant Todt so that he may enforce my drastic measures.
todt   Jean Todt
The FIA can't just bow to the whims of every team owner, and a former employee can't be seen to give preferential treatment to Ferrari.
Bernie   Bernie Ecclestone
Now Jean, best to keep Ferrari sweet isn't it. Uncle Bernie has a special understanding with Maranello. I just ask them what they want and stuff the other teams really. Worst case, we could always run a grid full of Ferrari's, get rid of those bloody twats at Red Bull for a start.
wibbah   Mark Webber
Fair dinkum Bernie, Red Bull have been running two flamin teams for the last few years and the team is totally committed to reducing costs.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Not sure about that Webber, Red Bull has about as much respect for the Resource Restricton Agreement as Madonna has for noise pollution regulations.
Horner   Christian Horner
Well Michael, while Madonna is a suitably cool and hip Red Bull analogy, as regards the Resource Restriction Agreement, Adrian and I budgeted carefully for perfect Seb's car. We then ran over slightly when the FIA insisted we had to run the sister car of Mark at every GP. We're hoping to get that overturned as soon as possible to save both costs and more importantly spare parts for Seb.

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