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Villeneuve: Current F1 drivers are daddy's boys playing video games

Jacques Villeneuve launched a scathing attack on contemporary F1 ahead of his home GP in Canada. The former World Champion, who will be a guest contributor to Sky Sports' coverage, blasted the unpredictability of the Pirelli tyres, and heaped criticism on the current generation of drivers: "They all think it's a video game and it's not. They are driving F1 and they are still children, they are still babies."

8 June 2012 - Source
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
JV   Jacques Villeneuve
I know Michael, Controversial Jacques had to stick his neck on the line on this one, and put it out there that perhaps there may be some slightly worrying signs that driving standards might not be what they used to be.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Agreed on that point, I've been driving into people for 20 years and now they're actually punishing me for it, shocking. Anyway, what I find extraordinary is that you actually think anyone wants to listen to your opinion.
JV   Jacques Villeneuve
I just feel compelled to express my extremely controversial views. The drivers today are nothing but spoilt babies who don't put in the years of development and climb the ranks in F1.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Talking about climbing the ladder is a bit rich coming from the guy who walked into a Williams drive, managed two decent seasons, and disappeared into the kind of career obscurity only Chesney Hawkes could understand.
JV   Jacques Villeneuve
I'm not finished Michael, worst of all is that the new guys are so disrespectful that they treat F1 like a video game.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
So says the man who claimed he learned how to drive Spa on a Playstation. And who was the big baby moaning about that stupid Ice Trophy race being rigged this year? It was almost as bad as the whining on your album, although I have heard your music has found an application in the medical community.
JV   Jacques Villeneuve
I am thrilled to hear that "Private Paradise" has been embraced to help others, I always knew of its power to move people.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
Er, it's not exactly moving people yet, more like rodents. Remember the story about that paralysed lab-rat who miraculously recovered? Apparently, once they piped a few of your songs into it's cage it couldn't move it's legs fast enough to get out of there. Great work Mozart.
diResta   Paul di Resta
As a future multiple F1 title winner, I am hoping this weekend in Montreal to avoid perhaps the only illustrious list I do not wish to be on, and so will be keeping a wide berth of the "Wall of Champions", so called because Villeneuve, Schumacher and Damon Hill all had infamous collisions with it.
mschumi   Michael Schumacher
That's about all we three have in common. Actually, now I think of it, both Villeneuve and Hill had "infamous collisions" with myself, so maybe they should have called me the Wall of Champions.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
I see your buddy Villeneuve is a guest expert on Sky Sports for the GP. All those Sky subscribers must be delighted how their money is being spent, they might get better value investing it in a Greek bank.
InsertCard   David Croft
[Content available to Sky Sports subscribers only]
ej   Eddie Jordan
I'd like to make the point if I may that although paid by the BBC I think it is a disgrace that the BBC gave up its F1 rights and denied the ordinary fan, who is the lifeblood of the sport, the right to watch every race for free on terrestrial TV. Just when will Pirelli sort their bloody game out and give us consistent wins for the top teams, and give the poor underdogs a chance to mix it up every race and stop the top teams from always winning. If I can finish by saying that personally, I don't see how people can complain that they should have to pay to watch a premium product like F1 when the entire sport is founded on the exclusivity of the exclusive club that is F1.
JakeHumphrey   Jake Humphrey
Interesting points as always Eddie. Unfortunately guys, I'm not going to be with you for the next two races, but you can still tweet me, please don't forget about me! In the meantime the coverage will be headed by our sultry Scottish reporter with her sensual drawl and smouldering looks.
DC   David Coulthard
Thanks Jake, I'm looking forward to the challenge and Martin will help me out anyway.
MBrundle   Martin Brundle
For Christ's sake David, we don't work together any more, Jake was talking about Lee, and your new co-commentator is called Ben.
DC   David Coulthard
Sure thing Martin, or should I say "Ben", wink wink! Don't worry, I'll definitely remember to call you "Lee" this weekend Martin.
lee   Lee McKenzie
Finally a chance to do a race again, the BBC producers will have to give me more than my usual two minutes of screen time. Even if it's not live the viewers can see more of me on the Red Button or the streaming channels.
bestofbritish   Jenson Button
If anyone wants to see more by pressing this Red Button let me know. I'll cover all the angles you want, and you won't have to pay any subscription to watch my channel streaming.

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