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Todt says new engines could be delayed past 2013

10 June 2011 - Source
fernando   Fernando Alonso
That settles it then. Once the FIA make a decision, it's set in stone.
todt   Jean Todt
Decision making is a complicated process. There are many factors involved.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Not as complicated as doubting, u-turning and not really being sure at all.
wibbah   Mark Webber
It's made a bit easier by sourcing reliable information about government from corrupt government sources.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Wrong issue Webber. Bahrain is a completely different kettle of fish that requires all sorts of other half-arsed non-final decisions to be sort of made.
FastEddie   Eddie Irvine
Listening to Bernie's qualified non-biased opinions also eases the burden I'm sure.
flavio   Flavio Briatore
And mine, yes?
FastEddie   Eddie Irvine
Yes Flav, because you've still got so much clout in FIA circles. Maybe they'll let you in to the merchandising department.
Bernie   Bernie Ecclestone
I'm doing what's best for the sport Eddie.
fernando   Fernando Alonso
Lucky for you that anything that's good for F1 is coincidentally even better for your pockets.
CoalInCoals   Colin Kolles
Would the FIA like to hear my opinion on the issue Todt? Or are you too busy deciding between being biased towards Ferrari or biased towards Schumacher?
rondennis   Ron Dennis
I think they're just biased towards anyone who doesn't embarrass the sport, Colin.
CoalInCoals   Colin Kolles
Well rest assured, we will boycott the next race if we don't like what we hear coming out of this.
rondennis   Ron Dennis
Just to be clear, if you fail to qualify because you're outside 107%, that doesn't count as a boycott.
Boulotus   Eric Boullier
I hope the new engines don't come in so Renault will leave, and then we'll REALLY be called Lotus, mwahahaha
TheRealTony   Tony Fernandes
You will never have the genuine history and racing pedigree that comes with the legal purchase of rights to the name Lotus.

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